December 2021 News

Nov 30, 2021 | Club News

Board Meeting: Board Members a meeting by Zoom is planned for 7 pm Wednesday, Dec 8th. 

Hi Poggies,

Just a note on where we are.

Will we start meetings in January? The short answer is “no”. Louie Morton and I had a sit down, face-to-face meeting (facemasks in place) with the Bremerton Parks Department about the feasibility of starting meetings at the Sheridan Center in January. It was a transparent and frank discussion about us starting up again. Basically, the City is following the guidelines coming out of Olympia. Unfortunately, the concerns the City has about the current state of spiking Covid cases nationally and the potential for local and regional areas to follow this pattern does not allow for the relaxation of current Covid protocols. That means wearing face masks, vaccinations and social distancing. Just the social distancing guidelines would restrict us to only allowing 25 people into the meeting space with serious limitations on food and beverages being brought into the facility. Now I’m holding my breath about this new Covid strain Omicron and how our State will react to it. That was not in the Tuesday discussion, we didn’t know about it at that time. So, it was decided to once again postpone the restarting of our meetings. We will look to February. If anyone knows of a venue that is available at nominal costs please contact me.

No winter blackmouth derby. Just read number 1 again. Same reasons.

Kids Fishing Party – We have started planning for this event. Vice president Andrew Wright is contacting WDFW about getting some trout, I will be talking to Mike and Scott about the raceways and Louie Morton is pursuing the worms. We will need volunteers to set-up, monitor and clean-up. Put April 23rd on your calendar. 

Thanks to all of the Poggies who helped at the hatcheries this year. Ron Lewis, Ron Kirkland, Ron Shuts, Louie Morton, Sam Hutchison, Eileen McDonald, Marlene Keltner, Chris Deirenger, Art Bruner, Glen Jurges, Andrew Wright, Jack Gaudette, Paul Kwoka, Doug Stauner and anyone else I have missed. We were very busy.

I will be acting treasurer for the next couple of months.

Last, but it should be first, TAKE A LOOK AT OUR NEW WEB PAGE!!!!! We have a new look, and it looks great! A very big THANK YOU to Ron Kirkland who put this together for us. He has worked very hard to make this happen over the last year with an assist from Louie Morton. Ron, thank you for you dedication.

Poggies, thank you for sticking around during this Covid pandemic. Please, all of you stay well.

Your vaccinated Chief Poggie,

Norm Reinhardt

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