Kitsap Poggie Club Activites

These are some the activities that occur throughout the year due to the dedication of some Poggies, where new Poggie volunteers are always welcome.

Club Projects & Events

These are the activities that occur throughout the year due to the dedication of some Poggies, where new Poggie volunteers are always welcome.

Activities will be added to our club calendar as dates firm up.  Please check back often.

General Meetings

We have our meeting at 7:00 pm in the Sheridan Community Center, 680 Lebo Blvd in Bremerton. The facility is open at 6:30. This happens on the third Tuesday of the month September thru June. We hold a raffle each meeting and have food at every other meeting, (pizza). We also have guest speakers visit throughout the year. Guests are always welcome.

Those of you from the Public, we welcome you to look through our website & activities, see if this club is what you’re looking for. The cost is $25 and you or your family can join at any of the Community Events or General Meetings.
Club trailer

The Kitsap Poggie Club also annually conducts and or supports:

  • Salmon Derby
  • Halibut Derby
  • Rod Building classes
  • Fly Tying classes
  • Salmon Fishing classes
  • Test Fishery Monitoring with NOAA
  • Advise WDFW on recreational harvest
  • Kids Fishing Party
  • Bremerton Water Festival
  • C.A.S.T.  for Kids – Island Lake
  • Send kids to Washington State Youth Conservation Camp on Orcas Island
  • Salmon in the Classroom
  • Kitsap Salmon Tours at Jarstad Park
  • Beach and Stream Clean-ups

and many other fishing interests.


Qualified club volunteers assist the Suquamish Tribe at the Gorst Creek Hatchery and Grover Creek Hatchery during the salmon runs and provide Fish Feeders for weekend feedings throughout the year.

The Kitsap Poggie Club has assisted the Suquamish Tribe for many years in Gorst hatchery operations. This hatchery has 4 concrete salmon rearing ponds and raceways along Gorst Creek and is part of the Bremerton/Gorst Watershed. This is a protected water source for the city of Bremerton and is closed to the public. The public has the use of Jarstad Park, located just North of this facility.

Gorst hatchery operations

Fishing Derbies

Spend a summer day out on the water & support the Kitsap Poggie Club. Other than donations and club dues, the fishing derbies have been the Club’s main revenue source. Derbies are open to the public, fish are delivered by boat and weight in at local marinas.

Sponsors can contact the club or the Derby Chair.

Blackmouth Derby

Blackmouth Derby

Our first derby of the year is the Blackmouth Derby in the Bremerton area in February. Prizes are determined by the number of tickets sold and awarded at the Brownsville Marina.

Halibut Derby

Halibut Derby

The Second derby is the Halibut Derby out in Straits of Juan De Fuca between Sequim and Port Angeles. (Fishing Area 6) Prizes are determined by the amount of tickets sold and awarded at the John Wayne Marina.

2017 Salmon Derby Winner

Salmon Derby

The Third derby is the Salmon Derby. Our biggest derby in late July or early August is Open To The Public. This is held in Bremerton fishing area. The fish ladder winner receives the top cash prize and other prizes as determined by local area sponsorship. Prizes awarded at local area Port of Brownsville.

Other Club Activites

Yellow Eye Rock fish.

Test Fishery Monitoring - Fishing with NOAA:

Yearly, the Poggies participate in research fishing with NOAA. This research is to study the bottom fish of Hood Canal. Of particular interest is the Yellow Eye Rock fish, due to their long life spans. This involves catching, implanting transmitters and releasing the fish unharmed. These fish now report electronically on their habitat movements.

Summer Camp

Washington State Youth Conservation Camp

In July the Poggie Club sends four kids from 14 to 16 years old to the Washington State Conservation Camp. This is a great learning experience for young adults.
Kitsap Poggie Club Picnic

Summer Picnic

At the end of July we have our salmon bake and silent auction at Jarstad Park in Gorst. The salmon bake is a pot luck with the club providing salmon and beverages. The auction is fun with lots of interesting items.

4th graders learning about salmon

Salmon in the Classroom

The Kitsap Poggie Club supports Sunnyslope and South Colby Elementary Schools with their Salmon in the Classroom Programs. The club, with the cooperation of the Squamish Indian Tribe, provides eyed-up salmon eggs and feed for the salmon. 

Fly Tying class

Fishing Classes

The club holds for its members and the public: Fly Tying classes, Rod Building classes, Salmon Fishing classes. Look for this to happen every winter during January, February, and March.
Kitsap Poggie Club Christmas Party

Christmas Party

We have Christmas dinner “potluck style” at our December meeting. The club provides turkey, ham, and beverages for the dinner. Santa will be there with presents for the children and we give away approximately 30 door prizes.