April 2022 News

Mar 22, 2022 | Club News

Poggie General  Meeting: For all Poggies: a meeting at a new location in person or by Zoom will be held on April 12th at 7PM.

Location Address: Clear Creek Community Club 12641 Clear Creek Road, Silverdale.

This meeting will be offered in hybrid format attend as you desire in person or by Zoom. Pizza may be served once again. TBD by Board Mtg 4/5. Below is the zoom link used last month it may be valid if not it will be updated by separate email.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 814 479 0818
Passcode: Team

Board Meeting: The Board will meet April 5th at 7PM same location as the general meeting on the 12th. We have a draft Covid plan for the April 23rd event to discuss and finalize. Member if interested in being a board member come to this meeting.

From the Chief Poggie: Fellow Poggie Members, In 2021 I was elected by you to serve as Vice President of the Kitsap Poggie Club. This position was a supporting role to all the great work Chief Poggie Norm Reinhardt does for the club. I knew through conversations with Norm at that time there would be a very real possibility that my role with the club may change. Well in March that change came. At the March 8th meeting the Kitsap Poggie Club Board officially accepted the resignation of our Chief Poggie. After a decade of leadership with our club Norm felt coming out of the pandemic would be the right time to step away. In his heart, Norm led with servitude and commitment to recreational fishing and securing fishing access to all Washingtonians. He expanded on many programs that the Poggies enjoyed, including the food bank program at the hatcheries, legislative work on the salmon advisory council, and attending countless meetings with WDFW. He has assured us that his participation with these activities will continue, but he has decided to take a seat in the audience at this time. We also want to announce that the Mayor of Bremerton Greg Wheeler formally acknowledged Norm’s commitment to enriching the community by establishing March 8th as Norm Reinhardt day. Although this year has passed, we hope you cast a line on future Norm Reinhardt days. As for my presidency, Norm’s legacy is hard to summarize, let alone fill. I have committed myself to the Board to complete the remainder of Norm’s term expiring in 2023. Through committees, the Board will need to take on a greater role managing the many things that Norm took on, and it was a lot! I will be creating a transition binder for future presidents to have the necessary contacts with local partners to host the many events the club participates in. I will push to get our events going again, not as a return to normal, but to socialize with many of you that I have not seen since 2019. I will always act with the guidance of a well established board of directors and with the knowledge that our club’s influence should continue well past my time as president. At 31, as a younger Poggie, my desire is to attract the many young families in our community to join our active membership. We are the present and they are the future. As many of you know when I first joined the club I was touted as the social media guy. I set up the YouTube page, filmed several short videos, and grew participation within our Facebook group. My time with the Poggies has already changed my life for the better. I look forward to serving you and the club however I can. Finally, we have an incredible group of dedicated people on our board that will guide this club into a post pandemic period. The board collectively feels it is time we start hosting events again. We have been meeting in person since January at the Clear Creek Community Club in Silverdale on the second Tuesday of the month. We are also actively planning the Kids Fishing Party for Saturday April 23rd and a Poggie Picnic this summer. But we need your help. We are seeking volunteers for the Gorst Raceway cleanup day and the Kids Fishing Party. If you would like to help please contact us directly at KitsapPoggieClub@gmail.com or come to our next meeting on April 12th, there might be pizza. Tight lines, Andrew Wright 360-801-3721 AndrewWright13@hotmail.com President – Kitsap Poggie Club

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